In order to develop  a Point-of-Care device, various technologies including molecular medicine, nanobiotechnology, microfluidics, material sciences and biochemistry come together. While the proof of concept of different parts of the final device are already designed in the lab, their integration into a single device is still an idea and thus further tests are needed to confirm its accuracy for the final application.

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The PoCOsteo project thus aims to integrate proteomics and genomics technology into a functional single PoC device. To realize this objective a balanced consortium of research partners and SME’s has been brought together.

  • Recently partner UGent has successfully developed and characterised an electrochemical proteomic sensor for 2 types of BTMs, i.e. proteins characteristic for bone formation and bone loss. The technology is protected by 2 patent applications

  • Partner URV is specialised in genomic electrochemical sensors and has an original technology for sensors, using cost effective Printed Circuit Board (PCB) based DNA electrodes.

  • These proteomic and genomic individual sensors will be further optimised and prepared for integration in a single disposable microfluidic cartridge.

The integration of both sensors in the microfluidics will be tackled by research partner IMM and SME partner microLIQUID (µLIQ), with mass-manufacturability of the cartridges as final goal.

The cartridges in turn are the key component of the complete PoCOsteo Point-of-Care tool, which will be developed by SME partner Labman and which will include, next to the cartridges, also a fluid handling system, a read-out unit and the necessary software to drive the tool and extract the necessary bone health information from the measurements.

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Comparing the results with that of the current state-of-the-art of each technology separately.

The completed PoCOsteo tool, including sufficient amounts of disposable cartridges will subsequently be delivered by SME partners microLIQUID and Labman to two hospitals, namely partners MUG (Graz, Austria) and EMRI (Teheran, Iran) who will clinically validate the tool and the bone health assessment method.

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Preperation for commercialisation of the tool to identify individuals at high-risk of osteoporosis and osteoporotic fracture.

It is the intention to valorize a successful outcome of these technical and medical activities through the preparation of a commercial start-up business plan, which will be done in WP7. It is indeed the intention of PoCOsteo to prepare the creation of a new company with participation of all contributing partners.

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We are a multi-disciplinary team committed to create a Point-Of-Care tool for bone disease prevention, detection and treatment.

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